Local Cappadocia may use the information of users visiting our website for analysis, may share this information with its partners. However, e-mail and other personal information will not be shared with any partner, company or institution without approval of the user.

Local Cappadocia does not announce the contact information of registered or guest users such as e-mail, phone number, etc. on its website. Unless the user states the opposite, it does not share this information with any partner, company or institution.

In our website, if you do not willingly share, the information specifying you will not be collected. (for example name, address, phone number or e-mail) (“personal data”). If you share your information on the website, Sultan Balloons keeps this information in order to use for marketing, market survey, follow-up of sales information or contact you in the future. If you share the information not requested from you, it means that you approve the use of this information for such purposes.

Local Cappadocia shares your personal information to 3rd parties only in such situations: a) If legal authorities make a written request for this b.) In order to protect the property rights of Local Cappadocia) Within the context of rules that you approve in the membership contract.

Your registered information in Local Cappadocia is not sold, rented or exchanged with another institution in any case. The information except the conditions in this “Privacy Agreement” is not shared with third parties in any case. Local Cappadocia takes all measures to fulfill its obligations in this contract.

The information collected by Local Cappadocia is kept in a safe place close to common use. Local Cappadocia uses all industrial standards to protect this information. However, it does not guarantee full protection.

Local Cappadocia has the right to cancel or suspend your membership if you do not obey the rules in “Privacy Agreement” and “Membership Agreement”.

As a result of the structure of the internet, information may flow through the internet without necessary privacy measures and used by unauthorized people. Kapadokya Zeppelin is not responsible for damages arisen out of such uses.

In some cases, impersonal data can be collected. The type of your internet browser, operating system, the domain name of the intermediary site that you have access to our website via a link or advertisement can be given as examples of impersonal data.

When you visit our website, any kind of information may be loaded to your computer. Such information may be a cookie or similar files which help us in some ways. For example, cookies help us to organize sites and advertisements in accordance with your interests and preferences. In almost all internet browsers, there are preferences to delete cookies from your hard disk or to prevent or take notification before saving. For more information, please view help files or usage information of your browser.

Please contact us if you do not want to receive e-mail notifications from our website.

This website is linked to other websites. The Privacy Agreement is valid only for this website and does not cover other websites. For using other websites linked to this website, Privacy Agreement and Membership Agreement of other websites are valid. It is recommended that you find and read Privacy Agreement and Membership Agreement of the websites you reach via this website.

Local Cappadocia reserves the right to make changes in any information of this agreement. The “Privacy Agreement” is considered to be accepted by the users using this website.

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